What is planned for Stoke Mandeville

HS2 Ltd have submitted the Environmental Statement (50,000 pages) to Parliament to support the Hybrid Bill which will enable the government to start construction of the high speed railway from London to the West Midlands. The Environmental Statement sets out the impact of the line on the environment through which it passes. The Government is running a consultation on this document which closes on 24 January 2014.

The proposed scheme runs through Stoke Mandeville and the western fringes of Aylesbury, raising the following issues:     Click on the link to find out more

This section of the website offers a brief summary of the main aspects of the Environmental Statement covering the above issues.  More detail can be found in Volume 2, in section Community Forum Area 11, Stoke Mandeville and Aylesbury.


Look at the map showing the path of the train through Stoke Mandeville 

Look at the National trust proposed visual maps for Stoke Mandeville through Aylesbury 

Look at Bucks CC blue print for Hs2

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