Stoke Mandeville Bypass Plans

Previously the Draft ES and the January 2012 announced route included two new bridges, embankments and construction sites to take both the A4010 Risborough Road and Marsh Lane over the route at Stoke Mandeville.

Stoke Mandeville Parish Council and SMAG proposed an alternative option to remove these road crossings in the form of a bypass to the west of Stoke Mandeville. This has subsequently been taken forward by Buckinghamshire County Council and is also supported in proposals put forward by the National Trust.

HS2 Ltd has been in discussion with Buckinghamshire County Council about the merits of a bypass. There is local support for the bypass as this will avoid the environmental effects that would be associated in particular with an A4010 Risborough Road overbridge.

The Proposed Scheme, a bypass passing to the west of Stoke Mandeville diverting off the existing A4010 Risborough Road between North Lee and Old Risborough Road. The bypass will continue parallel with the route before traversing over the route to the south of the Princes Risborough to Aylesbury Line. The bypass joins to the B4443 Lower Road, to the south of Aylesbury, via a new roundabout. Marsh Lane will be permanently stopped upon either side of the Proposed Scheme but access to local properties, including Brook Farm and Moat Farm will be maintained

4 thoughts on “Stoke Mandeville Bypass Plans

  1. The bypass is the best news for us, as residents of Lower Road, the presumed decrease in traffic would be the best possible result, traffic on this road is constant especially heavy traffic which causes vibrations which shake the fabric of our G11 listed building. With so many historic buildings on this stretch of road, together with the Church and School, the by-pass will hopefully reduce the traffic volume and the heavy vehicles which currently thunder along Lower Road. i can only think that all residents would welcome this ,the increased journey times are a small price to pay for such benefits ….. cannot wait for it to happen.

  2. The bypass will remove two major constructon sites (two road bridges are no longer needed) and reduce noise and construction traffic. It will reduce traffic through the village thus reducing road noise for most. For residents in Marsh Lane and the school it will stop the rat run traffic so it is a good plan. If HS2 goes ahead, in my opinion, it is the best worse case but obviously we need to continue to fight to kill off HS2.

  3. This proposed bypass does seem the best of a bad situation – one only needs to see the chaos caused by recent weather and flooding around The Bell to appreciate how much an alternative route is need to ease traffic along the Risborough Road. Any heavy rain and routes into Aylesbury become gridlocked.

    Even though the bypass would increase my journey time to Princes Risborough, I would welcome it. Volume of traffic on the Risborough Rd will surely reach breaking-point before too long and, with emergency vehicles thrown into the mix, something needs to be done to address this.

  4. Not sure how this effects me on Harkslade though ,is there a map of the bypass, everyone seems to be not bothered about us here! as long as the listed buildings and expensive houses are ok thats all that matters

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