Spoil Heaps

The quantity of surplus excavated material originating from the Stoke Mandeville and Aylesbury area that will require off-site disposal to landfill as excavation waste is shown below. This is the forecast quantity of contaminated excavated material that is chemically unsuitable for reuse within the Proposed Scheme and which will be taken directly from the Stoke Mandeville and Aylesbury area for off-site disposal to either non-hazardous or hazardous landfill. This represents a proportion of the total quantity of surplus excavated material that will require disposal.

The quantities of demolition, construction and worker accommodation site waste that will be reused, recycled and recovered (i.e. diverted from landfill) have been based on the performance of similar projects as follows:

demolition waste: 90%; construction waste: 90%; and worker accommodation site waste: 50%.

Estimated material quantities that will be generated (tonnes)

  • 2,841,551 from Excavation
  • 3,251 from Demolition
  • 29,766 from Construction
  • 78 from Worker accommodation
  • Total 2,874,646 (tones)

 Estimated quantity of waste for off-site disposal to landfill (tonnes)

  • 22,163 from Excavation
  • 325 from Demolition
  • 2,977 from Construction
  • 39 from Worker accommodation
  • Total 25,504 (tonnes)

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