This article below caught my eye from Andrea which outlines the urgent need to consider our current claim Under the “European Charter on Human Rights” supported by a mirror claim under the “EU Charter of Fundamental Rights”
This article says that the current HS2 compensation scheme proposes to purchase at market price only 1,914 properties which lie within 120 metres out of 172000 properties within a Km which are all affected.
This doesn’t say if that level of property numbers are both phase 1 & 2 which I doubt and still believe its double that.
I also believe that properties over 1Km away will be, or already are blighted and there should be no blight distance with a project of this nature.
Its well worth a read because it underpins the Human Rights claim we are still running under the below link, but have been waiting to understand the final compensation arrangements and or level of any property bond.
That bond must allow all provable affected properties irrespective of distance from the track to be fully compensated for any provable loss as a result of the laying down of the preferred route, and failing that the Human Rights claim must be launched.
Please join and get all your locals to join because our support and member numbers are growing are growing.
Please open & read & Join it costs nothing with no liability
HS2’s second consultation on Compensation closed on Dec 4th 2013. The first one was judged to be “so unfair as to be unlawful”: the second one was little better, covering only 2% of affected properties. However, it did include the option of a Property Bond (a Government guarantee to refund losses incurred as a result of HS2) which SMAG considers to be the only fair solution.
SMAG’s detailed response is belowWe also distributed a flyer, with two pre-printed response postcards, to 2,000 households in Stoke Mandeville. And we mailed a further 200 postcards collected from people at the SM Bonfire Display and contacts in pubs, workplaces etc. Our thanks to all who made this happen. 
HS2 Ltd. should be in no doubt what Stoke Mandeville thinks of their compensation proposals. Whether they take any notice is another matter; we do not know when they will announce their conclusions. 

SMAG’s response to the HS2 Property Compensation Consultation 2013

Flyer Nov 13


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