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How SMAG Fits into the National Campaign against HS2
SMAG is one of 40 to 50 Action Groups up and down the line and a member of AGAHST (Action Groups Against High Speed Two). Representatives of the Action Groups meet about four times a year at different locations to coordinate their activities.
AGAHST works with the two national campaign groups, HS2 Action Alliance and Stop HS2 and with them form a Federation, whose Board meets monthly and circulates its Minutes in confidence to the Action Groups. There is also an Yahoo Group which circulates e-mails (10 to 20 a day); the relevant ones are forwarded to SMAG Committee members and the wider e-mail membership as appropriate.
The Action Groups and the national groups are all autonomous and largely run by volunteers. They all manage their own funding and the Action Groups receive requests for financial support from the national organisations. SMAG responds as far as it can from its limited resources, for example by contributing to the cost of Ellie, the inflatable White Elephant, stands at Party conferences and various research and lobbying campaigns.
Our main source of money to support the national campaign is the 100 Club, a monthly Prize Draw costing £5 per ticket; 50% of  money received is paid out in prizes and the balance is used for national and local campaign activities. If you are not already a member, please consider becoming one (see link)

We work closely with other Action Groups along the route of HS2 in the AGAHST (Action Groups Against High Speed Trains) Federation, who collaborate closely with HS2Action Alliance, the research and PR Group and Stop HS2, the campaign group.

We meet about once a month at the Eskdale Road Community Centre. All residents are welcome to attend.