Residents endorse Stoke Mandeville Bypass Plan

At a well-attended meeting on Tuesday Feb 25th, residents heard from Marcus Rogers (formerly of Bucks CC) the rationale for the Stoke Mandeville Bypass proposal.
HS2 Ltd’s original plan was to build two massive 15 metre flyovers to take Risborough Road and Marsh Lane over HS2. There would be associated construction sites and construction traffic. A further flyover and construction site was needed to take the existing Risborough to Aylesbury railway line over HS2.
SMAG, SM Parish Council and Bucks CC persuaded HS2 Ltd. to fund the alternative plan known as the Stoke Mandeville Bypass. The Risborough Road from Terrick will be diverted westward before it is crossed by HS2 and run alongside the far side of HS2 towards Aylesbury. The new road will then cross HS2 close to the flyover taking the existing railway over HS2 and link up with Lower Road. Marsh Lane will be blocked where it is crossed by HS2.
The effect would be to reduce the number of bridges from three to two and construction sites from three to one. The detailed design of the bypass needs further work to minimise the impact on properties in Lower Road.
After questions and discussion, the Bypass proposal was approved overwhelmingly by a show of hands.

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